A Louisiana girl living in South Carolina,
Living out my roaring twenties to the fullest,
A proud lady of Delta Delta Delta,
Raised a Southern Belle and a True Prep,
Wears pearls and Yurman everyday,
Is real pearls and real charm,
Cherishes tea with mother above all else,
Has a serious weakness for bow ties,
Takes the day off to visit a museum,
Has read the classics, but knows nothing tops Eloise,
Loves the thrill of a handwritten note,
Fancies a man that can dance like Fred Astaire and dress like Carey Grant,
Can debate the finer points of Austen and Woolf,
Loves to throw dinner parties, but has been known to burn the roast,
Plans to conquer the world in ballet flats,
Could happily live off of Red Velvet Cake,
Actually reads the pretty coffee table books,
Loves English Breakfast Tea,
Considers picnicking a sport,
Sings in the shower and the rain,
Tweets with abandon,
Knows the Cha-Cha, the Charleston, and the Tango,
Pens handwritten notes,
Has a signature shade of lipstick,
Will never give up her library card,
Has a bucket list a mile long and dreams a dime a dozen,
Listens to the day’s forecast but fancies her own intuition,
Never says no a Sunday matinee at the theatre,
Quick to blush but never short of a witty reply.

“I have the deepest affection for intellectual conversations. The ability to just sit and talk. About love, about life, about anything, about everything. To sit under the moon with all the time in the world, the full-speed train that is our lives slowing to a crawl. Bound by no obligations, barred by no human limitations. To speak without regret or fear of consequence. To talk for hours and about what’s really important in life.”

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“How to kill someone;
Hold their hand and then never touch their skin again,
See them nearly everyday and pretend they don’t exist,
Act like everything you ever said to them was a lie.”

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“And it has been
one hell
of a year.
I have worn
the seasons
under my sleeves,
on my thighs,
running down my cheeks.
This is what
looks like, my dear.”

Michelle K., It Has Been One Hell of a Year.  (via coyotegold)

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